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The Art of Doodling: Exercises to Boost Memory and Creativity
Did you know there are benefits to doodling? Studies have shown that doodling can help improve memory as well as spark inspiration and foster creativity. In this course we will go over tips to get your doodle muscles flexing, then apply those methods in four different practice exercises. We will learn how to draw inspiration from shapes, slogans, stories and sounds. At the end of the course, you will have completed four sets of doodles, one from each exercise and be equipped to tackle further creative endeavors. No previous experience is needed to participate!4.6K students enrolled • 98% rating

Student Testimonials:

"Great tips for getting creative juices flowing. Liked her insight- there is more to doodling than what you think!"

"Cathy is a great presenter and I loved her clear and relaxed approach. Thanks for the inspiration!"

"This class was so much fun! Now I understand why doodling is such a great past time. It really helps to put one at ease and clears the mind. I love it."

"Very inspiring. An abundance of creative doodling ideas packed into a short presentation. I definitely plan to incorporate her methods into a daily drawing practice."

"This is a well designed class with little 'overhead'. Cathy conveys the important ideas very simply and has gotten me to start doodling again."

"I used to doodle a lot in my childhood, but I would have never expected to see actual classes/courses on doodling - Cathy made me see that doodling is indeed an art although I had never thought of it like this before, but the art is more in how it unleashes your creativity, and for that I give my kudos to her! Take this class, it'll make you think different of doodling (and the speed demo was awesome!)"

The Art of Doodling II: Six Components to a Cuter Character 
What makes a drawing cute? There is a certain science to cuteness, and some tangible ways to boost the cuteness factor in a doodle. In this quick and light hearted class, we will learn and practice 6 simple and tangible components that you can apply to any character drawing to help make it cuter!

Student Testimonials:

"Loved this class, really simple tricks that make loads of difference. Thank you."

"I took this quick class alongside my young daughter and we had a lot of fun. Great simple tips and a fun exercise for all skill levels."

"I love art classes that give practical and applicable tips to meet a goal, and this class does just that. Simple, quick and fun, I recommend it to anyone who's into illustration, comic art, and character creation."



The Art of Doodling Part III: Develop Creativity Through a Sketchbook Habit

Keeping a sketchbook is a great way to develop your creativity. Whether you are looking to practice drawing, discover your style, explore new techniques, or keep an idea log, a sketchbook habit is sure to further your progress and expand your overall creative thinking. We will be going over tips and tools to help you start and keep a sketchbook and put those into practice by creating one sketch a day for a week. This class is for all levels of artists, no previous experience is necessary – join us in the journey!

Student Testimonials:

"I LOVED that class! For the past few months, I have been experimenting with sketching, painting, and hand lettering. I was frustrated to not be able to practice more, and that all other classes were focusing on only sketching/drawing. Until this class! Somehow I never thought that I could combine them into a daily habit, lacking the 'how' tools, but now I have these awesome prompts to work on, it's just perfect! Thank you Cathy! <3 PS : It is also super inspiring to see your debuts in comics drawing, that like you, I don't feel that I can do, and really want to try."

"Very sweet video and taught as if she were a good friend. Wonderful handwritten prompts and many excellent ideas to incorporate into creating the drawing in the sketchbook habit. Thank you so much!"

"Very inspiring. Great ideas on how to get a good habit started."

Turn Your Doodles Into Printable Greeting Cards

Ever wanted to make something practical out of your drawings and doodles? Join this class and learn how to take your doodles from paper to digital and format them into greeting cards in Adobe Illustrator that you can easily print from your home computer. As we complete the project together, you'll learn the simple tools and processes you can use to produce something that you are proud to share with family and friends. Hope to see you in class!

Student Testimonials:

"I like the simplicity of the technique. So many tutorials bring all of the bells and whistles of a piece of software out, when it is often unnecessary. I have students who like my doodles very much, and I think I will start using this. Thank you for sharing! :)"

"Clear, concise and exactly what I have been looking for for months! Many thanks!"

"Easy to follow along. Didn't take a bunch of time, and simple instructions. I also liked that she had screen tips of what she was doing so if you didn't catch something you could see text on what was done."