The Project

ForkIt was planning to introduce quests that users could complete by cooking themed recipes. Each quest would be themed to a certain food category and would contain recipes within that category. The first round of quest themes included Breakfast of Champions, Drink Drank Drunk, Veg Up Your Life, Oodles of Noodles, Classics You Crave, and Flavors of the World. My role was to create the quest map backgrounds and the badges earned upon completion.

The Process

The process I use follows a general trend of starting with broad strokes and then refining down to the details.  concept, research, variations, final design, and refinement.

Quest Maps

I started with creating the background structure that each of the maps would be built on. This would include some kind of generic landscape canvas as well as a path that the quest milestones would live on. As I was coming up with way to customize each map, I wanted to make sure that each of the maps had their own distinctive look. I decided to base each quest off of a different environment or location and use food illustrations to convey the characteristics of that environment.

I wrote out my list of quest themes as well as a list of environments and tried to match a theme with an environment if there was something in common. For instance, in matching Oodles of Noodles to a jungle environment, I could see a resemblance between spaghetti noodles and jungle vines, so I decided to use the jungle as my theme in illustrating the map for Oodles of Noodles.

From there I wrote out a list of things found in a jungle, as well as a list of noodle types and tried to see if any of them could combine into an illustration. Some results of my brainstorming are as follows:

Spaghetti noodles = vines
Farfelle = shrubbery
Penne = tree trunks


When I finished all of the quest maps I began creating the badges for each. I looked at badge inspiration online and picked out defining elements from each quest to use in the badge. The badges also needed to go together visually despite their different shapes and themes so I used a similar aesthetic for all of them and wove a dots theme throughout to tie them together.


The final quests backgrounds and badges:

Badges and backgrounds as viewed in app: